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Is There Money Hidden In Your Commercial Real Estate Transaction?

When selling commercial property, you need to do it quickly and for the best possible price. You need to create opportunities and bring the buyer and seller together, especially if the property is damaged.

Is damaged property a problem or a hidden opportunity?

The Insurance Claim Enhanced Closing Program


Core Public Adjusters

- Access Money That Could Be Hidden In Your Closing -

We may be able to help the seller or buyer tap into unexpected money if the property:

  • suffered damage within the last year


  • was damaged in the last five years; and
  • an insurance claim was filed and was underpaid or denied by the insurer.


The seller or buyer may be able to pursue the insurance claim and collect more money from the seller’s insurance policy, even if a prior claim was denied or underpaid.

Real estate professionals can use the Insurance Claim Enhanced Closing Program as a sales strategy to maximize value for sellers or buyers.

Sell Faster. Sell for more.

Flip the Script:
The Hidden Cost or Lost Opportunity of Selling a Damaged Property

Seller worried that they cannot get the most money from the sale? Buyer worried about the cost of repairs?

The possibility of collecting more money from the insurance claim can give the parties the courage or incentive to make the deal.

Are you selling a stigma or an opportunity?

The INSURANCE CLAIM ENHANCED CLOSING PROGRAM could change the way your clients look at a property and help you close more deals!

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How CORE Public Adjusters Can Help

Our public adjusters and team are experienced insurance claims experts who represent insureds, including commercial property owners and the holders of insurable interests such as buyers and lenders in connection with their insurance claims.

Sellers and buyers of commercial real estate are savvy businesspeople, but they usually do not have experience managing insurance claims, understanding the insured damage, or properly documenting all of the damage in the format that insurers use.

When damage happens, or when selling or buying a property that has been damaged, don’t go at it alone.

The claims professionals at CORE Public Adjusters will work to help the seller or buyer of commercial property obtain the maximum settlement possible for their property damage, even if the claim was denied or underpaid.

Turn to CORE Public Adjusters to help:

  • Make it easier for your sellers to sell and for your buyers to buy.
  • Fight to get the maximum settlement possible for commercial property damage.
  • Get your deals closed faster.
  • Get your commission sooner.
  • Establish you as a leading authority in commercial real estate.
  • Be the real estate professional with resources to get the deal closed.

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Sell your commercial property faster and for more money with the Insurance Claim Enhanced Closing Program offered by CORE Public Adjusters. We can help you give sellers or buyers new options and new perspective so that they can make a good deal.

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There Could Be Money Hidden in Your Closing

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Sell Faster. Sell for More.

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