Insurance Company Treating You Unfairly? You’re Not Alone.

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Top 10 Reasons Consumers File Complaints and Resources to Help

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you are, or someone you know is, experiencing problems with your insurance company. Maybe you had a broken pipe cause water damage to your home but your insurance company denied the claim. Or, maybe you had hurricane damage and your insurance company isn’t offering you enough to properly fix your damage and replace lost and damaged personal belongings. You’ve probably tried different strategies with the insurance company to get them to listen to you. First you gave them the benefit of the doubt. After all, maybe they are busy and truly want to help you. Then you tried having a little more patience with your calls going unreturned. Maybe your adjuster is on vacation, you thought. Next maybe you tried being more persistent. No luck? Ultimately you lost hope that you’ll be treated properly by the insurance company and are now seeking justice by other means. Sound about right? Unfortunately this is far too common than it should be.

Top 10 Reasons Consumers File Complaints against Insurance Providers

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is the U.S. standard-setting and regulatory support organization created and governed by the chief insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories. Through the NAIC, state insurance regulators establish standards and best practices, conduct peer review, and coordinate their regulatory oversight. NAIC’s consumers resources help you navigate insurance and make better informed decisions.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners tracks complaints reported by consumers to their respective state insurance departments. What is called “confirmed complaints” are the most validating for consumers. Confirmed complaints are those determined by state insurance departments that the insurance provider has committed a violation of state insurance law or regulation, federal requirements, or terms of an insurance policy.

In 2018 the top violations found by state insurance departments to have been committed by insurance providers included:

  1. Delays in insurance claim handling
  2. Unsatisfactory settlement or offer when the consumer deserved more
  3. Denial of claim when it was legitimate under the consumer’s policy
  4. Lack of prompt payment of the settlement
  5. Cancellation of policies
  6. Service delays or no response
  7. Service coverage questions
  8. Improper adjuster handling of the insurance claim
  9. Inadequate reimbursement
  10. Inappropriate premium refunds

Just these top 10 reasons alone represent more than 50,000 closed complaints by state insurance departments where insurance providers were found in violation. If you are experiencing problems with your insurance company, you’re not alone.

How do you fight your insurance company?

You always have the option of filing a formal complaint with your state’s insurance department. We’ve compiled resources below to assist you.

If you are Florida property owner experiencing insurance problems such as delays in insurance claim handling, unsatisfactory settlement or offer, denial of claim, service delays, or improper adjuster handling of your case, CORE Public Adjusters can help. We have a team of professionals experienced with each stage of the claims process. We have staff members in place, all experts in their job role, from estimating your damage and monitoring the claims process to getting you paid fast, and everything in-between. Our specialized employees ensure that you get the best outcome and service experience possible.

Resources for United States property owners to file complaints against insurance companies.

  • The Consumer Insurance Search (CIS) database provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners – Find complaint reports, trends, licensing and financial information for your current or prospective insurance provider.
  • The Online Fraud Reporting System (OFRS) provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners – If you believe an insurance provider has been engaging in fraudulent activity, you may report it here.

Resources for Florida property owners to file complaints against insurance companies.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR) is responsible for all activities concerning insurers including licensing, rates, policy forms, market conduct, and claims in Florida. The head of the Office of Insurance Regulation is the Commissioner of Insurance Regulation. The Commissioner is appointed by the Financial Services Commission, which is comprised of the Governor, Attorney General, CFO, and Commissioner of Agriculture.

  • File a Complaint (DCS) provided by Florida Office of Insurance Regulation – Consumers wishing to file an insurance-related complaint should submit an online form with the Department of Financial Services (DFS) Division of Consumer Services (DCS).

The Florida DFS Consumer Helpline contact information is 1-877-MY-FL-CFO (1-877-693-5236).

Thank you for reading this important article. Remember that you are not alone in experiencing poor treatment from your insurance company and that there is help to assist you in correcting such behavior. We wish you the best of success with your claim and hope you’ll contact us when you need professional assistance.

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